Please join the Healing Revoluton!

It's time to heal. It's time to join the Healing Revolution!

Why we all need healing, better health and wellness.

We, as a collective, are the unhealthiest we have ever been. We are on edge because of unresolved past trauma, we are living with chronic illnesses (such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, cancer, and more), and simply existing rather than living -- and nowhere close to thriving and living our best lives.

I have been there; more than two decades ago, I was overweight, living a sedentary lifestyle without much movement or exercise, suffering from depression, brain fog, and more. I wasn't on any medications, although my primary doctor sure wanted to prescribe me anything I "needed."

I started a health journey. I realized our food system is horribly broken -- and that our food, which is supposed to be nourishing us, is slowly killing us. I stopped eating fast foods and frozen pizzas, I emptied my pantry of all the bad stuff (including sugars, refined flour, and seed oils). I also started walking and hiking -- and bought my first bicycle as an adult.

Then, about a decade later, while my health was MUCH better, I still was suffering mentally... so I began a healing journey. I had several events in my past that harmed me, including a lack of love (and attachment) from my father and being sexually assaulted by an Episcopal priest. I accidentally found that nature was the most powerful healing modality for me, but while I did a lot of healing, I still had some residual stuff hanging on. Exercise and movement were also powerful for me.

Then about five years ago, I learned the truth about the power of psychedelics to help in healing our past trauma. These amazing substances, banned for so many decades and lied about in the Drug Wars, help people find the truth within. Integrating the many things I saw in my psychedelic journeys helped me finish my healing journey.

Since then, I have written two books on healing, but because I am so passionate about the need for everyone to find healing and health, I have also made much of the content available on my websites -- at no charge; no subscription necessary.

My books and articles, along with many other expert writers, researchers, and doctors, are the key part of the Healing Revolution. The other key part is YOU!

I want YOU to be part of the Healing Revolution!!

To learn more about healing and health and about what the Healing Revolution looks like, I invite you to visit HealingSeed.World, home of the Healing Revolution.