Personal Passions

Randall with Tree Farm sign
Randall with bike in SF
Randall on bike above Lake Roosevelt
A Bit About the Personal Side of Dr. Randall Hansen

Among the things I like to do when not working at or otherwise consumed in deep thoughts or empowering others. More details and links to come! Some of my personal passions:

  • bicycling -- read my biking primer
  • biking, walking, hiking around our amazing forests and wildernesses, lakes and rivers
  • reading books; mostly fiction or historical novels
  • drinking coffee while reading and relaxing
  • taking pictures -- check out some of my nature pictures
  • farming of all kinds, including raising chickens and forest management -- check out more at Hansen Woodland Farm
  • planning and completing building and remodeling projects
  • designing and building furniture
  • finding train tracks and watching trains; riding/walking rail-trails
  • watching certain types of television and movies

I'm also very happily married and living through the best part of marriage: the empty nest!!

Family Links:

  • Katharine Hansen
  • Mary Hansen
  • Randall and Kathy near Grand Canyon