Educator, Marketer, Nature Lover CEO Dr. Randall Hansen


I am Dr. Randall Hansen, Empowering Polymath.

I am a passionate educator and entrepreneur -- CEO/CMO and Publisher of, a collection of websites designed to empower people to lead more successful lives. I am also the founder (and former CEO) of Quintessential Careers, which I sold to LiveCareer in 2015.

I have been empowering people my entire adult life -- focused on helping them lead better, richer, happier, and healthier lives. In fact, empowerment is a key part of my professional philosophy statement.

My current three areas of passion center around educating, marketing, and nature/conservation. (A close fourth is healthy eating/living.)

In terms of educating, my focus is helping people with college success and living better lives. I currently do so through teaching undergraduate marketing classes at Colorado State University Global Campus and graduate marketing classes at Virginia Wesleyan University; publishing articles on a variety of websites, some of which are listed below; as well as speaking engagements at high schools and college throughout the U.S.

My love of marketing is openly shared with others through my teaching and consulting with clients interested in improving their marketing efforts.

I have loved nature and conservation my entire life, including traveling to state and national parks, improving the health of a 40-acre Ponderosa Pine forest, serving on the board of a Conservation District, and volunteering with other organizations that promote good stewardship of our open spaces.

I just finished a 2.5-year, criss-crossing nationwide trip in which my wife Jenny and I had two goals: First, we wanted to blog ( about national wonders (parks, forests, monuments, and the like), organic and natural farms and ranches, and wonderful small cities and towns. Second, we wanted to find the ideal place to live, teach, work -- a community that includes a college with a vibrant business/marketing program for me, a focus on veterans for Jenny, and rural enough so that we could own about 15-30 acres of land -- and we found that in NE Washington, just north of Spokane. We are currently building our dream home.

Finally, I am a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and hundreds of articles, both academic and practical. (You can find some of these publications listed/linked here, but also on my network.

You can read more about me here.