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Dr. Hansen's List of Courses Taught

This page provides a description of each course I teach on a somewhat regular basis. You can get specific course material, such as syllabi and assignments, by following the links listed in each course description.

How to Succeed in the Business School Seminar. Developed with many goals, this first-year business experience course is a bridge course between high school and college, providing students with a plethora of learning activities designed to build a foundation for success in the business school and success as a business professional. Includes a survey of all major aspects of business, team-building, community service, and all the tools for necessary for becoming a member of the university's learning community. For more details, check out my BN109 syllabus.

Principles of Marketing. An introduction to the decision-making concepts and processes used in developing effective marketing programs for consumer and industrial goods and services -- a survey of the marketing discipline. You will leave this course understanding the power of marketing for all organizations. My sections of this course are both career- and writing-intensive. For more details, check out my Principles syllabus.

Marketing Career Development. This course is a hybrid that involves students completing a marketing internship as well as critical in-class marketing career development activities leading to a personal career portfolio. The purpose of this course is for students to learn more about themselves, about career opportunities in marketing, and gain practical work experience in one or more areas of marketing, For more details, check out my Marketing Career Development syllabus.

Channels and Physical Distribution. This course surveys, organizes, and integrates theories and practices relative to current problems of marketing channel management, with a focus on key strategic marketing principles. Physical distribution is reviewed as a functional area within the firm and its interface with channel intermediaries is analyzed. Topics include retailing, wholesaling, industrial marketing, transportation, warehousing, location, inventory control, and channel design. For more details, check out my Channels syllabus.

Global Marketing. This course investigates the use of the marketing variables and marketing strategy in developing countries and avoiding the pitfalls in marketing in countries outside the United States. The importance of differences among nations in language, culture and social forces, politics and laws, values, channels or distribution, and buyer behavior is examined. Each semester the class focuses on a different country, and the main project of each member of the class is the development of a marketing plan for a particular product for that particular country. This course is writing-intensive and includes Web publishing and development. For more details, check out my Global Marketing syllabus.

Advertising & Promotion Management. This course examines all aspects of advertising and promotion within the context of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), requiring students to use all their skills and abilities in developing a complete and detailed IMC plan for a client company. In some semesters, students will work with real clients and manage a special event in addition to writing the plan. This course is time- and writing-intensive and requires full participation from each student. For more details, check out my Advertising & Promotion Management syllabus.

Special Topics in Marketing. This course offers the student an opportunity to investigate and study a special, current marketing topic not covered in other marketing courses. In the past I have taught an Internet/E-Marketing Class, Gender Issues in Marketing, course and a Marketing and the Movies course. Most recently I have offered a Marketing Seminar course designed to integrate and enhance the understanding of marketing concepts, strategies, and tactics. This course is reading- and discussion-intensive. For more details, check out my Marketing Seminar syllabus.

Marketing Management. This course is the capstone marketing course for marketing majors. This course is case-driven and designed to push students' analytical and marketing abilities while empowering them to make critical marketing decisions based on a combinations of facts, assumptions, and critical judgments. Students often leave this course feeling a bit less sure of their marketing genius, but better prepared to handle any marketing issue that comes their way. For more details, check out my Marketing Management syllabus.

Marketing Decision-Making. This graduate course provides an in-depth examination of the strategic elements of marketing goods and services. This class is a writing-intensive course that covers such topics as the gathering and analyzing of decision-making data, the importance of marketing to the entire organization, and the development of a strategic marketing plan. For more details, check out my MBA Marketing Decision-Making syllabus.

Strategic Management. This graduate course is the capstone course in the MBA program, and thus integrates all previous coursework in all the "functional" areas of business, including accounting, finance, information systems, management, and marketing. This class is a writing-intensive course that focuses on improving analytical and critical-thinking skills through a variety of exercises and cases. For more details, check out my MBA Strategic Management syllabus.

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