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Principles of Marketing

An Overview of the Career Journal Assignment

What is the Marketing Career Journal?
The Marketing Career Journal is a self-enhancing 12-assignment project that students in Dr. Hansen's Principles of Marketing class complete over the course of a semester. The journal takes each student through a self-guided journey or self-discovery and enlightenment, based on sound self-marketing and career development principles. Each Career Journal assignment relates to a current marketing topic or chapter from the text.

There are three different tracks of the student version of the Marketing Career Journal. Which track you use totally depends your next career goal.

The three student-oriented Career Journals include:

  • Career Journal for Students Seeking a Career Path or Majors/Minors in College
  • Career Journal for Students Searching for Internships or Jobs
  • Career Journal for Students Considering Graduate School


Why the Marketing Career Journal?
There are three main benefits of the Marketing Career Journal:

First, it is designed to better acquaint you with marketing principles by applying the theoretical concepts to an actual product -- you! By using the marketing concepts we learn in this course in your Career Journal, you should begin to have a better understanding of them -- and begin having a better grasp of their inter-relatedness.

Second, it is designed to better prepare you for your career, and to better prepare you for your first post-graduation job search. All of you are at various stages of your career planning. Some of you have chosen a major and a career field, others are trying to choose between one or two fields, and others of you are completely undecided. This Career Journal is designed to help all students better understand your options and prepare you for your future -- whether your future includes an internship, a job, or graduate school.

Third, it is designed to keep you writing. Employers often state that one of the great weaknesses of college grads is their inability to write. Thus, this Career Journal is designed to keep you writing, and hopefully writing in such a way that you begin to make complex associations between marketing concepts and your career/job search. In the end, you should be a better writer -- as well as have a better understanding of your future.


What's Required in the Marketing Career Journal?
The most important requirement is having the right attitude. If writing a journal is not for you, then you should not take this course. You have to want to spend the time planning your future career development. If your career is not of interest to you, or you don't like writing, then now is the time to switch to a different section of the class.

Besides having the right attitude, the only other requirements are that you complete the journal assignments in a timely manner, per the schedule listed on the course calendar, and that you keep the journal in a separate, three-ring binder. You are required to complete all 12 assignments, but you also have the flexibility of completing additional journal entries.

Note: As you conduct research and gather supplemental material for your Career Journal, make sure to include these resources with your career journal -- so that the journal becomes a clearinghouse of information and resources for you, now and in the future.


What's the Career Journal Worth?
The Marketing Career Journal is worth 200 points. You will also present the results of your journal at the end of the semester. The presentation is worth 50 points. So in total, the whole project is worth up to 250 points.


How is the Journal Graded?
Grading for the Marketing Career Journal is based solely on the extent to which you have successfully completed all of the required journal entries. Note that the grading is both objective and subjective -- you must complete all the assignments with vigor and interest.


What do former students say about the Marketing Career Journal?
Read advice and testimonials from former students about the power of the Marketing Career Journal by following this link to Career Journal Comments.


Where Can I Find a List of the Assignments?
The actual Career Journal project is hosted on the Quintessential Careers Website. You will need a user name and password to access the material. Please see instructor.

Once you have your user name and password, you are ready to begin the assignment. If your career goal(s) should shift while in the middle of the assignment, feel free to switch to a different track of the Career Journal that most closely matches your new career goal(s).

Choose your journaling path:

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