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Dr. Randall Hansen's Professional Brief Bio

Dr. Randall S. Hansen is an empowering polymath: a passionate and innovative educator, a lifelong marketer, a career and job-search expert, a writer and publisher, and a conservationist and nature-lover who delivers empowering messages through written works, engaging workshops, and dynamic teaching. Dr. Hansen is founder, CEO, and CMO of, a collection of empowering Websites that include,,, and He is the founder and former publisher of Quintessential Careers, one of the most comprehensive and widely respected career development sites on the Web.

His life focus has been on self-improvement, personal empowerment, and helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

As a college professor of marketing for more than 20 years, Dr. Hansen (Ph.D. 1993) is an expert in personal branding and self-marketing who has mentored countless students. He enjoys educating and inspiring students to succeed.

Dr. Hansen's varied marketing background and strong teaching desire translate into a creative, yet grounded approach to education, career development, job-hunting, and workplace management. His professional success in developing multiple Websites also provides him with a unique perspective on marketing and SEO practices.

He is a published career expert, and has been for more than 18 years, with several books and journal articles, and many Web-based publications. Dr. Hansen also has been an employer and consultant on career development, employment issues, and hiring/firing decisions for the past 20 years. He is often quoted in the media about career, job-search, and workplace-related subjects.

Because of his educational and career background, Dr. Hansen strives to inspire and empower people to lead better lives -- through self-directed job and career development, improved writing and spelling, enhanced study skills leading to academic success, and better health and wellness.

For further details about Dr. Hansen, read a PDF of Dr. Hansen's Academic CV or visit Dr. Randall S. Hansen's (Empowering) Productions.

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