Personal Mission Statement

My personal mission statement...

My one-sentence mission/vision: To live life fully, honestly, and compassionately; love passionately; and make a positive impact on all those around me.


My detailed personal mission:

Words that describe me: loving, passionate, fair, caring, supportive, spiritual, loyal, optimistic, honest, creative, kind, helpful, moral, friendly, easy-going, forgiving, strong-willed, persistent.

I am a loyal friend. I place a high value on true friendship and will do almost anything for my friends.

I am a problem-solver. I enjoy making people happy by helping solve their problems, but need to remember that some people want to solve their own problems.

I am a nature-lover, environmentalist, and a forester. I support and participate in protecting our fragile ecosystem -- we need open spaces for our physical and mental health.

I am an educator. I truly believe my calling in life is a teacher/counselor/adviser. I enjoy the inner satisfaction that comes with helping people learn -- in whatever context that it happens. My current buzzword for this concept: learner empowerment.

I am a visonary dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I believe if we can picture something in our minds, we should be able to accomplish it. Yet, I'm also a realist and believe not all things are possible at all times.

I am a Webmaster and publisher, a social mediaist, and an email fanatic. I believe my Web activities are simply an extension of my calling as an educator, helping people learn to find career happiness and college (and life) success.

I am a fighter. I believe in sticking up for issues and people I believe in and for fighting for what is right.

I am a writer. Not necessarily a great writer, but I believe in the power and importance of the written word.

I am a liberal in the true meaning of the word. I am an open-minded and progressive thinker.

I am a believer in God the Almighty, His son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

I continually strive to better myself in all areas.


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