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Journalist, blotgger, or producer looking for an expert source for your story, article, blog, or show? Contact Dr. Randall Hansen, empowering career, job, college, life success expert.

Dr. Randall S. Hansen is founder and CEO of EmpoweringSites.com a network of empowering Websites focused on improving the lives of individuals -- from teens to Baby Boomers. He has years of experience providing valuable content for journalists and media professionals from print to Web to radio and television. He is a trained and experienced marketer, educator, and empowering author and speaker, and an authority on a wide variety of personal and career empowerment subjects.

Dr. Hansen's main areas of expertise include:

Everything College -- from choosing a college and/or college major to achieving academic success, including college and graduate school issues. Specific topics include study skills, working with professors, understanding career passion, obtaining internships and other work experiences, job-hunting preparation, majors and minors, improving grades, helicopter parents, test-taking, and paper-writing. (Dr. Hanen's expertise can be found on Quintessential Careers and MyCollegeSuccessStory.com.)

Careers, Jobs, and Workplace Issues -- including issues such as job-hunting basics, career-change and re-careering, obtaining a promotion, recovering from a layoff, dealing with tough bosses or bad co-workers, job-hunting online, social networking and passive job-hunting, personal and career branding, job-seeker SEO, job-search strategies in good and bad economic times, survival jobs, salary negotiation, career portfolios, and portfolio careers.

Health and Wellness Topics -- revolving around self-empowerment for a better life, including healthier eating and nutrition, improved fitness, better work-life balance, and overall better living tips. Specific topics include healthy foods, bad (unhealthy) foods, walking, bicycling, brain fitness, and self-help wellness tips. (Dr. Hanen's expertise can be found on EmpoweringRetreat.com.)

Marketing and Small Business Advice -- focused mainly on issues about how individuals and small businesses can make major marketing impacts without spending major dollars. Specific topics include search engine optimization, Website development, blogging, and public relations, and news release strategies. (Dr. Hanen's expertise can be found on EnhanceMyMarketing.com.)

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