Marketing has always fascinated me.

I grew up in the 60s and 70s, beginning a career in marketing in the 80s. These years were a heyday for the growth in influence and power of marketing and advertising. Call me and other marketers of my generation the sons of Don Draper and other real-life marketers such as Phil Kotler.

Today, it's my belief that marketing is the lifeblood that runs through all organizations. If you don't market your company or product correctly -- no matter how great the concept -- it's likely it won't last very long. And minding your customers? Do NOT get me started on my biggest pet peeve of weak businesses -- poor customer service.

Marketing is much more than the well-known 4 P's of marketing -- product, price, promotion, and place. Don't get me wrong, the 4 P's are important, but marketing encompasses so much more... especially now with social media. Tools to Empower Besides a career in marketing -- marketing magazines such as The New Yorker and People -- I have been teaching marketing at the college level for 25 years. I have also put my marketing philosophies into action on the many Websites of my Network of Empowering Sites. I even developed a marketing site to help small businesses --

I enjoy talking about marketing, consulting on marketing, teaching marketing. And yes, for the rest of my life -- at least while it remains relevant -- I will faithfully watch the SuperBowl, not for the football, but for the commercials.