Our Journeys of Healing Through Psychedelic Plant Medicines (and Other Psychedelics)

Healing Journeys book cover

Real Stories of Transformative Change in People from All Walks of Life

Edited by Dr. Randall Hansen, Ph.D.


The focus of the book is to serve as a guide for people new to psychedelics for healing and transformation. Three chapters on the history and uses of psychedelics and psychedelic plant medicines -- from indigenous peoples religious/spiritual/healing use to synthetization and therapy -- and massive potential for healing... changes in politics and laws.

Includes the details on the intentional use of these medicines for specifics types of healing. And the mainstreaming and decriminalization are other topics covered. Some discussion of the mental health crisis facing us.

The remainder of the book looks at people in all stages and walks of life and how psychedelics completely transformed their lives -- through healing, valuable insights, performance enhancement. Real stories of psychedelic healing through use of the medicines and the hard work of integration of the insights into regular life. The goal is that every reader can see themselves in one or more of the healing/transformative stories.

Will cover a wide range of people and broad coverage of many psychedelics, including psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, mescaline, Ayahuasca, ibogaine, ketamine, and some lesser known/used psychedelics. The key difference is that these stories will be as explicit as possible so that readers can truly understand all aspects of these medicines.


Forward: By a Named Individual in Psychedelics
Preface: Introduction. Why this topic? Why now? Why me? Why you? Extras

Part One: The Basics of Psychedelic Medicines
Chapter 1: Frequently Asked Questions About Psychedelics
Chapter 2: The Real Psychedelic Revolution and Its Historical Context
Chapter 3: Best Practices of Healing Through Psychedelics and Entheogenic Medicines

Part Two: Real Stories of Healing and Transformational Journeys
Chapter 4: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #1
Chapter 5: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #2
Chapter 6: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #3
Chapter 7: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #4
Chapter 8: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #5
Chapter 9: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #6
Chapter 10: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #7
Chapter 11: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #8
Chapter 12: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #9
Chapter 13: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #10
Chapter 14: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #11
Chapter 15: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #12
Chapter 16: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #13
Chapter 17: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #14
Chapter 18: Personal Healing/Enhancing Story #15

Part Three: Microdosing
Chapter 19: One Other Alternative: Microdosing
Chapter 20: Microdosing Story #1
Chapter 21: Microdosing Story #2
Chapter 22: Microdosing Story #3

Part Four: Wrap Up
Chapter 23: Key Takeaways For Your Psychedelic Journey -- Summary/Conclusion
Appendix 1: Psychedelic Organizations and Web Resources
Appendix 2: Psychedelic Books and Documentary


Net profits of the book will be dispersed to non-profits in the psychedelic space, such as:
  • Chacruna Institute
  • Heroic Hearts Project
  • The River Styx Foundation
  • The Zendo Project
  • Indigenous Medicine Conservation (IMC) Fund

More Details About the Book:

What sets this book apart from many others already published is that this book's focus is on the powerful stories of healing and transformation through psychedelic medicines... detailed accounts of journeys, from set and setting, to all the various elements of the medicine moving through the individuals... including visions, sounds, feelings, messages, etc.

But the healing really starts with the integration phase -- and, again, these stories will weave together different ways and methods people use to integrate their experiences.

The editor will comment/react/compile key elements of each story/account so that there is learning and new information throughout the book.

The people featured in the book will come from all races and stages of life, include all the major psychedelic medicines, and will cover as many different healings as possible -- from a war veteran with PTSD to someone dealing with childhood abuse to someone searching for spiritual answers to someone fighting addiction to someone trying to find focus and clarity for his/her life.

More About Dr. Randall S. Hansen:

Randall Hansen has written several books and hundreds of articles over the past decade+, covering number empowering topics. Dr. Hansen's focus with his work in on helping people live better lives. He has accomplished this task by writing about:
  • Healing and health and wellness
  • Diet and nutrition (for health)
  • Psychedelic and plant medicines
  • Exercise (as it related to health)
  • Nature
  • Student success
  • Career and job-search tools

Dr. Hansen is both an academic and practicing professional. In terms of psychedelics and plant medicines, Dr. Hansen has spent years researching the topic -- and has also received healing and transformation from several psychedelic journeys.

Dr. Hansen's education is in marketing and he has been a marketing professor for several decades.

More details can be found about Dr. Hansen on his website and LinkedIn:

Marketing Analysis:

The psychedelic industry has seen an incredible resurgence -- even over just the last five years -- and for the first time ever, it's possible that the FDA will approve MDMA and psilocybin for therapeutic use in the next year or two. Some insiders also expect LSD to be approved by the FDA. At the same time, multiple studies and clinical trials continue on what these psychedelic medicines can heal... with strong potential for aiding the healing of post traumatic stress, depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, substance abuse, control (eating, OCD) disorders, cluster headaches and migraines.

While much of the focus has been on macrodosing (the full-on hallucinogenic experience) psychedelics, there has been a growing trend of microdosing psychedelics for clarity, creativity, and healing. Supposedly, a not-so-hidden secret of Silicon Valley is that many have been microdosing LSD for decades.

In addition to multiple research papers on psychedelics as medicine and medical breakthroughs published in scientific and medical journals, the mainstream media has taken notice, with multiple stories about psychedelics appearing in a myriad of outlets, including: The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Rolling Stone, Psychology Today, Science Daily, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Forbes, Newsweek, Business Insider, Bloomberg, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Financial Times, CNBC, Axios, Politico.

Let's not forget Michel Pollan's How to Change Your Mind -- first the book, and then the Netflix series based on his book.

The coverage is an interesting mix of stories about treatment breakthroughs, about the psychedelic renaissance, about the future of the business of psychedelics (including the massive market potential for therapeutic use).


Competing Books:

Interestingly, there is a rich history of books published in the psychedelic space... the vast majority from the last two decades, as the research in the field slowly began ramping up. (A few classics from Huxley, McKenna, and Leary published in the 1960s.) GoodReads.com lists 90 books about psychedelics, while Amazon lists even more titles.

The focus of most books falls into one of several categories:

  • History of psychedelics, including pioneers of the science, movements
  • Results from research studies
  • Detailed overviews of one or more specific psychedelics
  • Personal accounts of psychedelic research, use
  • Guides to psychedelic use, microdosing

There are two books with a theme similar to the one I am proposing: Tripping: An Anthology of True-Life Psychedelic Adventures, edited by Charles Hayes; and Experiencing Psychedelics, by Alex Gibbons.

Publishers in this field include: Park Street Press, Penguin Press, Inner Traditions, Sounds True, Ulysses Press, New World Library, Broadway Books, Healing Arts Press, Divine Arts, Psychedelic Press.