Nature Lover

I am a nature lover, a forest steward, a conservationist.

As John Muir wrote, "Going to the woods is going home."

I have loved the woods since I was a child; always loved green spaces. Have fond memories of riding my bicycle to our local park and hanging out in the play area. I had dreams of owning my own forest. In college, I toyed with the idea of studying forestry before one of my other passions -- marketing -- won out.

As I moved into adulthood, I continued to support green spaces and environmental causes, but knew my career was centered closer to cities and the suburbs.

But i went on a journey that eventually took me to Northeast Washington and the tiny town of Kettle Falls, WA... and finally to Ferry County and establishing my beloved, where you will find articles about the healing power of nature; the importance of exercise and healthy eating; and guides for spiritual and intellectual growth.

My childhood dream of owning a forest came true... and while I did not major in forestry in college, I am happy to report I restored the health of my forest... before moving on to bigger and better things.

I also served as a Supervisor for the Ferry Conservation District... and my current dream is to explore ALL the great forests of these United States, which is partly why EmpoweringParks came into existence!