I never pictured a career in education. Never saw myself as a teacher, but now teaching is a vital part of my identity. I live to inspire others.

My teaching platform has changed over the years -- from the full-time classroom of a college professor to something much bigger. My platform is now the various empowering Websites that I not only manage, but for which I contribute content.

I still do various guest speaking gigs, from local high schools to colleges and universities across the country -- usually on career and job-search issues.

Like many other teachers, teaching is my true calling. I love learning -- and I love facilitating learning in others. There is simply nothing better than to help someone grow through education.

Of course, learning is also a two-way street, and many of my students pushed me to thinking and researching more -- and in the process, learning more myself. Now, many of my former students continue to seek me out, as I do them, when facing key issues in our lives.

So, how did I become a teacher? I was happily working in New York as a marketing manager at Time, Inc., when I was approached by a community college in need of an adjunct professor to teaching an advertising class. From that one seed came a massive career change involving going back to school to earn my doctorate... eventually becoming a full professor of marketing before leaving to follow one of my other passions -- forest steward.

My hope is that as you visit this site -- and some of the others of the Network of Empowering Sites -- that you'll spend time learning new things about careers, college success, wellness, and the like... and then share that new learning with others!

Mr. Holland's Opus? Yup, that's me.