About Dr. Randall S. Hansen

Dr. Randall S. Hansen is an internationally known empowering entrepreneur and polymath -- an educator and professor, marketer, and nature lover -- whose mission in life is all about helping people lead better and happier lives -- through education and college success, stronger career and job choices, better written and verbal communications, and improved health and wellness.

Dr Hansen, whose educational background is in marketing (including a Ph.D. in marketing), is an advocate for people who are struggling -- or searching -- for ways to improve their lives. He achieves this mission through teaching, workshops and speaking engagements, and through publishing a network of Empowering Websites.

He is also an avid bicyclist and hiker. He loves taking trips and also enjoys creating and building things, remodeling, and other creative outlets.

His current goal in life: Become a superhero for good health, love, well-being, and positivity.


About RandallSHansen.com

This Website is the official site for all things Dr. Randall S. Hansen: author, educator, publisher, marketer, entrepreneur, nature lover.

The major sections of this site focus on the four key areas (the 4 P's) of Dr. Hansen's life:

Professional: Includes Dr. Hansen's professional philosophy statement, short bio, mission statement, vita, and more.

Personal: Provides a glimpse into the personal life of Dr. Hansen, including hobbies and pictures.

Productions: Focuses on Dr. Hansen's EmpoweringSites.com network of empowering Websites, as well as other key productions.

Publications: Lists all of Dr. Hansen's empowering books and articles -- centered around the three key areas of careers and jobs, academic and college success, and health and wellness.