IMCP: Working as a Team

Dr. Randall Hansen's Integrated Marketing Communications Program (IMCP)

One of the many benefits of the Integrated Marketing Communications Program (IMCP) is that it will teach you the importance of teamwork and working together to achieve a goal -- key attributes sought by employers. Remember that everyone has to work -- as a team -- to get this project done, and that means that everyone will need to respect each other and be flexible and understanding.

Working as a Team: How to Work as a Team

Team-Building Strategies

  • Before you do anything, have an "ice-breaker." Get to know each other on a more personal level.
  • Learn each other's names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
  • Make a list of expectations for each team member.
  • Set team goals and objectives.
  • Brainstorm names for your IMC agency.

Team Management Strategies

  • Create a phone and e-mail list for each member of the group.
  • Develop a system for keeping each other up to date (e-mail, phone tree, bulletin board, etc.).
  • Create and utilize agendas for each meeting.
  • Keep minutes and make them available to team members.
  • Develop a master calendar with key assignments and due-dates.
  • Know who is doing what on your "to-do" list and when it is due.
  • Consider building an agency Website -- for your team as well as your client and target market.

Be an Effective Team Member

  • No slacking, no power trips, and no excuses!
  • Arrive on time -- and prepared -- for each meeting.
  • Contribute ideas and take initiative.
  • Be accountable for all you are supposed to do for the project -- and to the group.
  • Respect your teammates' ideas and actions -- be open-minded and less opinionated.
  • Acknowledge the work of others -- and show your appreciation.

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