IMCP: IMC Presentation Topics

Dr. Randall Hansen's Integrated Marketing Communications Program (IMCP)

Here are the main topics you need to cover in your presentation.

Presentation Topics to Cover in Presentation


Give a brief overview of what will be covered -- and by whom.

Pass out an agenda.

Background Information

Discuss information about marketing environment and competitive environment.

If you use charts of any kind, make sure you have copies as handouts as well.

Current Client Position

Be brief; these should be short and factual.

Challenges and Opportunities Facing Client

This critical issues section is crucial.

Be sure to show off your marketing expertise and flair.

IMC Campaign

Explain all aspects of your integrated marketing communications plan.

Use bullet points for each major aspect of the plan. Include costs and timeframe.


Summarize the entire pitch -- and why your plan will be effective. Stress the opportunities and benefits for the client -- and all potential outcomes.

Thank the clients.

Ask for questions.

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