IMCP: IMC Presentation Preparation

Dr. Randall Hansen's Integrated Marketing Communications Program (IMCP)

You can never get enough prep time in before a major presentation. Make sure everyone knows their parts. Do mock presentations several times before the main event!

IMC Presentation Preparation


It is especially important to practice introductions and conclusions to the presentation as a team. Also practice transitions between speakers. These elements determine how well your presentation flows. Visuals and other "bells and whistles" also require practice.

Preparing for the Question-and-Answer Session

While you never can predict exactly what questions your clients will ask, it is important to prepare yourself as thoroughly as possible. Get your group together and brainstorm a list of all the possible questions you might be asked. How will you answer? Figure out how you will determine who will answer a particular question.

Allow for the possibility that no one will ask a question immediately. Prepare a question to ask yourselves to give your client more time to think: "One of the questions we had in designing our event was... What do you think?" This method begins a friendly interaction.

After the Q&A, make sure to thank the clients for their suggestions and tell them that you will be implementing those suggestions. This technique builds client confidence.

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