IMCP: Meeting with the Client

Dr. Randall Hansen's Integrated Marketing Communications Program (IMCP)

Meeting with the client early in the IMCP process is critical for success. Understanding the client's perceptions of the marketing environment, of key competitiors, of the target market, and of the strengths and weakness of the client's products/services is essential to your entire project's success.

Meeting Your Client

The account executive(s) should arrange a convenient time for the client to meet with the entire agency. While some clients will be more knowledgeable -- or more forthcoming -- than other clients, do your best to make this initial meeting valuable.

Use this initial meeting with the client to gather as much information as possible about all aspects of the client's operations, including:

  • strengths/weaknesses of products/services
  • key benefits of products/services
  • current positioning of products/services
  • current target market for products/services
  • understanding of customer buying behavior
  • strengths/weaknesses of the client's organization
  • client's list of key competitors
  • threats/opportunities the client sees in marketing environment
  • issues the client feels need to be addressed
  • goals client has for the agency

Because the client's time is valuable, try not to schedule more than the initial meeting. Of course, the account executive(s) can -- and should -- maintain strong contact with the client throughout the semester, leading to the final presentation.

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