IMCP: Organizing Your Agency

Dr. Randall Hansen's Integrated Marketing Communications Program (IMCP)

Getting started is one of the most difficult parts of this project. Your agency president needs everyone to contribute fully to the best of their abilities. This may mean you do not get to manage the part of the project that most interests you, but be flexible and know that everyone works many parts of this project. Accept responsibility for your specific area.

Organizing Your Agency

If you are going to be an integrated marketing communications agency, you need to break into functional departments.

Below are typical departments and their basic responsibilities.


The president of the agency keeps an eye on everything, manages everyone, and facilitates meetings. Presidents are typically open-minded and driven. They demonstrate leadership and understand the task at hand. They usually put in the most time and get the most well rounded experience.

Account Executive(s)

The account executives have to be experts on the client. These people are basically the sales force of an IMC agency, becoming the key contacts between the client and the rest of the agency. They must become knowledgeable about all aspect's of the client's business. Typically, the account executives will also be the key members of the presentation team.

Research Department

This department is responsible for all aspects of market research gathering. This team will be responsible for conducting research on the marketing environment and key competitors. The research department is the backbone of any agency. The work of this department cannot be emphasized enough -- weak research results in a poor plan -- so be sure to have your best agency members in this department.

Creative Team

This department works with the entire agency to brainstorm and develop any and all creative aspects of the IMC, from packaging redesign, logo development, and promotional communications strategies. Creative team members need to have a flair for innovative and "out-of-the-box" thinking while also grounded enough to see the importance of the integration of all aspects of the creative -- in giving a single voice about the client's product to the target market.

Published Reports Department

This department is responsible for editing and producing all of your team's written documents, including the client pitch handout and the final marketing report. While each department will contribute its respective sections for the all of the documents, it is the responsibility of this department to blend all the materials into cohesive documents with one voice. Department members should be highly organized, computer literate, and strong writers and editors.

Presentation Team

The presentation team is responsible for the planning, organizing, and presenting of the agency's IMC Plan to the client. While the entire agency could take some part of the presentation, there should be a core group that handles all the details of the presentation.

Agency Jobs that Everyone Does

  • Being a team player
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Lending a hand when needed
  • Compiling the IMC Report
  • Delivering client presentation and compiling leave-behind

Name Your Agency

Give your group an identity. Here are some creative examples from the past.

  • Xtreme Promotions
  • Grand Illusions
  • Vision Enterprises
  • ImaginInc
  • Plan-it Marketing
  • Total Marketing and Communications

Develop a Timeline

A semester is not a very long period of time to get organized, conduct research, develop a plan, and make a client pitch.

Setting meeting dates, key dates and deadlines and then sticking to them is the only way to progress through the stages of the program efficiently. Your professor will help you set your key dates. You will be responsible for setting meeting dates and internal deadlines.

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