IMCP: The IMC Report

Dr. Randall Hansen's Integrated Marketing Communications Program (IMCP)

The IMC Report is a formal document that is submitted to the client for review at the end of the semester during the client pitch.

After completing all the research and analysis of your client, the client's competitors, and the critical marketing environmental variables, you will put it all together in the form of the IMC Report. It is expected that this document will include every detail of the IMCP.

The IMC Report


The best way to attack the marketing report is to be organized! Each department is responsible for developing its own area of the document and submitting it to the publications department.

Develop A System

The agency members in charge of your reports should develop a system for collecting information from the various departments and synthesizing it into one document. Again, this is where communication, delegation, accountability and follow-through become integral to the success of the group.


We cannot say it enough. A marketing report littered with typos is a quick way to turn your client sour on your plan. Pay attention to detail and remember that you are a professional agency. Be sure to use spell check, but also have several people read through it, even though you may be in a hurry to get it finnished. (Just checking to see if you are paying attention!)

Extra Copies

Your IMC Report is a great piece to take with you to job interviews. Consider paying for your own copy when it goes to print.


You can find a sample outline for your IMC Report by going to the IMC Report Worksheet.

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